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photo by Skippy


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Photo Archives

The Scrapbook!

The photo collection spans CH3's 20+ year career from some classic and personal moments. From the original lineup in 1981 to the current lineup into 1999, these are the rarest photos you will ever see, as they are from Kimm and Mike's personal archives!

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Video Vault!

Scratches and Needles video by Dillon Magrann-Wells

Blue Christmas by Big Wheel Media

Manzanar, 1983

Didn't Know from the Documentary One More For All My True Friends....

Catholic Boy from Target Video 1982

The whole set from Vault 350, TSOL Farewell party Nov 25 2006....




Maybe you were on the thumbnails to see actual size.

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Channel 3
Another Day (From the Land of the Free EP)
Channel 3
Everyone, Everything, Everyday (Unreleased demo track)
Channel 3
I've Got A Gun (Available on "The Skinhead Years" CD)
Channel 3
Didn't Know (Available on "The Skinhead Years" CD)